The start-up of the Company “Project – Engineering” dates back to 2004 when far-reaching building projects were being realized in independent Ukraine. A demand for large-scale manufacture of facade decor elements emerged together with independent entrepreneurship recovery and people income increase as well as cities construction revival and individual construction growth. Aiming at satisfying construction market demands for high-quality and up-to-date goods, a group of enthusiasts made a decision to pool personal recourses and huge world experience in this field and started a company manufacturing light and at the same time durable facade decor elements. The customers immediately assessed our production quality and in 2008, due to company’s economic success, new equipment was purchased and manufacture extended to industrial volumes. During a short time of our existence we created an impressive gallery of finished projects, decorated with our production, in every part of Ukraine.

For full and complex satisfaction of requirements of the market the enterprise constantly expands assortment of the production and masters new lines of activity. The wide experience which has been saved up in manufacture of elements of an external decor of buildings, has allowed us to apply these technologies in interiors of places with extreme conditions of temperatures and wetness: baths, saunas, healing centers, etc. In 2010 the first line of similar production - ergonomic relaxation heating beds "FaberSPA" has been developed and introduced in producing.

Main production units of the company are located in Chernivtsi. In 2010 a commercial department of the company was completely reorganized.  New marketing methods and large-scale strategic view turned the company into one of the most effective players at the construction market in Ukraine.

Today the Company “Project – Engineering” is one of the most up-to-date and economically strong enterprises of the country. “Faber-Decor” and "FaberSPA" trade mark is easily recognizable and it has become a synonym of prestige, quality and honest attitude to undertaken commitments for a large majority of satisfied customers.