FaberSPA trade mark represents the best innovations in sphere of healing created by our designers and constructors.

       Our production uses invariable popularity at clients of the healing centers, Turkish baths, sports clubs, saunas, etc.

       FaberSPA beds are made on our own manufacture of a composit material and completed with electric heating system. Further a tile master can revet it with mosaic according to design and a color score of a hole place.

      Plank beds for relaxation gives the chance to have a rest in heat to many groups of muscles, allowing to relax absolutely .

       It is provided to manufacture both typical and under individual projects.

- contributes a relaxation of deep muscles and skin;
- removes stress;
- improves blood circulation;
- calmes nervous system;
- removes painful sensations;
- deduces toxins.
Indications to application:
- pains in muscles, in a back;
- bone-and-muscle system, an arthritis;
- feeling disturbed;
- problems with blood circulation;
- Insomnia;
- stress, depression.